Social Hiking will not be discontinued!

When I learned that Social Hiking was being discontinued, it was as if a beloved hiker friend would never accompany me again.

I was shocked. Sad. And disappointed. After a transition period until 1.8.2018, it should be over forever.

Social Hiking – Share your adventure!

I have been using the geo-blogging tool Social Hiking since 2011. Social Hiking is an internet-based service for sharing outdoor adventures and was launched in 2010 by Phil Sorrell. Since then Phil offers the service for free and runs it all on his own. Nevertheless, he invests a lot of time and energy in his project and regularly improves the service.

With Social Hiking I record my hike and mountain bike tours and display them in real time on a map on the Internet. Friends, relatives or interested parties can follow me live on a tour.

In addition, my tweets, photos, videos or sound recordings can be embedded in the map and climbed mountain peaks are automatically recognized and documented.

At the end of a tour, I automatically plotted the route. Including the exact distance covered, maximum and minimum height and the vertical meters of ascent and descent. The climbed mountains and embedded media result in a beautiful documentation of the tour.

Social Hiking has always been the perfect tool for me to record my outdoor activities. Quick. Straightforward. Reliable.

Very sad news

And then came the bad news: Social Hiking should be stopped! You can read the reasons here. On 27 May 2018, Social Hiking should be closed after 8 years. Finally, there was a transition period until August 1, 2018, during which you could still download your GPX data. After that, it should be over forever.

A thousand thoughts crossed my mind. What do I do with my recorded tours? How do I integrate the records into my existing reports? Which service will I use in the future?

Good news

But then on August 10th, I had an e-mail from Phil in my inbox: Social Hiking will continue! To avoid the closure, but only as a paid subscription service. Of course, I’m still here. The fee is worth it to me for the service. Also because I know that such a project costs money and above all takes up a lot of time. Besides, Phil’s personal situation isn’t exactly easy either.

At the moment Phil is in the process of making some critical corrections and necessary improvements and therefore does not accept any new applications during the transition.

And then it’s Share your Adventures again! Maybe also for you?

I’ve been using Social Hiking, a geoblogging tool, for four months now, to record my tours and display them live on the Internet on a map. Interested parties can follow the tour in real time. Since I am enthusiastic about Social Hiking, I would like to introduce the free service to you.

Through Basti, I became aware of Social Hiking. With him, I saw Social Hiking for the first time and could follow his tours live. He has inspired me for Social Hiking, patiently answered my questions and was helpful in setting up. Thanks again for that!


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