Mercedes in Izmir

Mercedes Announced In Izmır Good Nachrıchten.

Bahadır Özbayır, Sales and Marketing Director of Mercedes-Benz Türk Trucks, announced that sales with a focus on construction had taken the lead for the first time in 2017: “We are increasing our capacity from 17,000 to 34,000 vehicles, thereby driving our growth strategies”.

Mercedes-Benz Türk took part in the Beton Izmir 2018 trade fair, which took place from 25 to 28 April at the Izmir Exhibition Centre. At the fair, Mercedes-Benz met with representatives of the construction industry in order to expand its continuously and rapidly growing services in this area.

The Arocs 4142 B, Arocs 4142 K and Arocs 1842 LS construction vehicles from Mercedes-Benz, which are leading among the truck series, were presented to the visitors in Hall C together with products that meet the sector’s needs for different solutions.Bahadır Özbayır, Sales and Marketing Director of Mercedes-Benz Türk Trucks, who met the visitors at the Mercedes-Benz stand at Beton Izmir 2018, spoke in an exclusive interview both about Beton Izmir 2018 and about the company’s aims…

We produce 2 of 3 Turkish trucks

The company has been active in Turkey for more than half a century and has invested 470 million euros in the truck plant in Aksaray in the heart of Anatolia to date, emphasized Özbayır: “As Mercedes-Benz Türk we produce 2 of 3 Turkish trucks. Our truck plant in Aksaray produced 250,000 trucks, and apart from the Turkish market, we export our vehicles to over 70 countries on 5 continents, mainly to Europe, with our export figures exceeding 45,000 since the plant was established in 1986.

Leading sales with focus on construction

Mercedes-Benz is the largest truck manufacturer in Turkey and has been the market leader for 15 years, explained Özbayır: “In 2017, our sales amounted to over 9,000 vehicles. Last year, for the first time, construction vehicles dominated both the market and our sales, and more construction vehicles were sold than semitrailer tractors. This also points to the economic growth in Turkey, which is based on construction activity. This year the development returned to normal and sales of tractors increased. As Mercedes we not only produce, but also import, even though our import is very low. We are the first to produce concrete mixers when it comes to construction vehicles. Our strength becomes even clearer with tippers. Because wherever difficult conditions prevail, we are “on site” with our quality.

Very dynamic real estate and construction sector in Izmir

The first city that comes to mind for a concrete fair is Ankara. But this year the concrete fair took place for the first time in Izmir, according to Özbayır: “The center of construction companies is generally Ankara, alternating with Istanbul. But to hold an Ankara oriented fair in Izmir is a good thing because the fair will stimulate the local market. After Berlin, Izmir is in second place worldwide with 18.5% in terms of the increase in real estate prices. That’s why everyone is interested in Izmir.

Both the real estate market and the construction market are lively and high-quality apartments are being built, which is why construction vehicles, concrete mixers and pumps are attractive for all this work. We considered whether such a fair in Izmir would be successful, but then we saw that despite the fact that it was the first time it was held there, the interest was very high. We hope that Izmir will occupy the position that the city deserves and that the fair will stimulate the market.

“Izmir deserves more”

With the construction of the Izmir-Istanbul motorway, the distance is reduced to 3.5 hours, emphasised Özbayır: “Izmir is an important city. With its port, hinterland and historical structure, Izmir is an attractive centre for investment, but Izmir is not in the position it deserves.

In particular, investment in industry is weak. In Torbalı there was a car brand, but they left the city again. Only the supplier industry is insufficient. Apart from another car factory in Pınarbaşı there is no heavy industry in Izmir. That must change. Such trade fairs can also make a contribution.

Mercedes-Benz Türk trains drivers for concrete mixers

Mercedes-Benz Türk’s 13-year cooperation with the Association of Turkish Ready-mix Concrete Manufacturers will continue in 2018. Throughout the year, training courses for drivers of truck mixers sponsored by Mercedes-Benz Türk are held every month in various cities in Turkey, especially in large cities. The Association of the Turkish

Ready-mix concrete producers receive support from public and private institutions for their training programme. As a professional organization, the association wants to promote the further development of the ready-mixed concrete industry. The aim of these training measures is to increase quality awareness in this sector in accordance with international standards. Mercedes-Benz Türk, which supports this goal, has been continuously sponsoring training courses for concrete mixer drivers since 2005. The training programme is drawn up and constantly updated by professional trainers with many years of experience at Mercedes-Benz Türk.

This prepares the participants in theory and practice for real-life situations. Mercedes-Benz Türk supports these measures in order to strengthen the professional awareness of concrete mixer drivers and to promote the employment of qualified drivers. The training covers very different and fundamental topics such as vehicle maintenance, efficient and safe driving techniques, rules for handling concrete mixers and workplace safety.

Using a concrete mixer with body, which Mercedes-Benz made available to the Association of Turkish Ready-mixed Concrete Manufacturers for training purposes, course participants can then put their theoretical knowledge into practice when driving on an area closed to normal traffic. Training in the training vehicle to prevent the vehicle from tipping over, and information on the use of the concrete mixer on different terrain under different conditions, including off-road and off-road training, are practically conveyed.

At the end of the training programme, which is attended by around one thousand people per year, exams are held and successful participants are awarded certificates with the approval of the Ministry of Education and the Turkish Employment Agency.

“We do not renounce investments”

Özbayır announced that Mercedes-Benz investments would continue at full speed: “I have been with this company for 34 years and we have witnessed many economic crises. But as Mercedes-Benz, we never stopped the investments. We have invested e half a billion euros in the plant in Aksaray since the crisis-ridden times in Turkey to date. We are increasing our capacity from 17,000 to 34,000 units and driving forward our growth strategies. Although we have chosen Aksaray as our production base, we work with local suppliers in Izmir.

“We’ve redefined the standards for the vehicles.”

We are working to further increase sales, reported Özbayır: “We claim that our Mercedes-Benz Arocs series construction vehicles and semitrailers are professionals in every situation. We have combined the power, robustness and efficiency of these vehicles and redefined the standards for construction vehicles.

We consider the concrete industry important and continue our long-standing cooperation with and support for the Association of Turkish Ready-mixed Concrete Manufacturers. We want to maintain our leading position with our product range, which meets all the needs of the industry. We are a market leader with tradition. When you think of Mercedes, you think of quality, robustness and power. We offer the right product for every job. Customer satisfaction is also very high when it comes to service and customer support.