7 Secrets to getting cheap flights

Never before has it been so easy to get cheap flights. Companies are fighting over travelers, who are demanding better prices and better services. That plays into the hands of those of us who want to make cheap trips, but still, need to know the tricks to travel with little expense.

We are in one of the best times of the year, the time when most people are enjoying their holidays. This means that all of us who like to travel and enjoy this well-deserved rest time is a little worried about being able to find the airline tickets we need at a good price.

We all know that before traveling, the vast majority of travelers, we draw a budget that we must stick to in order to enjoy our trip to the fullest and without any worries, whether in a family, couples or alone, our trip.

Well, here we will give you 10 wonderful secrets so that you can get cheap flights to the destination you want, and so you can make your dream trip a reality, keeping your budget, and maybe even improving and reducing it a little more, for a better enjoyment of your vacation.

How to get cheap flights

1. Buy your tickets online

I can’t think of any other way to do it, but there are still people who buy tickets at an agency or at airline offices, incredible as it may seem.

If you are one of the people who buy your airline tickets online instead of going to the agencies, you can take advantage of the tools offered by the different websites prepared to compare prices of airline tickets for any destination you choose.

There are currently a large number of websites dedicated to comparing airline ticket prices, which will give you an overview of the prices and dates available for flights to the destination of your choice.

Whatever website you use, be sure to compare prices. That’s your best tool ever.
So as not to tip the scales towards any of them, I’ll tell you that almost all of them offer the same thing. It is almost the same if you visit Kayak, Opodo or the most famous of all, Skyscanner. These websites offer a very useful tool, as you can filter your searches and results according to your convenience, you can also activate fare alerts for when prices fall on a particular route, make flight predictions to get information about a route, etc.. Some of the pages you can use for this are for example Skyscanner, momondo, kayak, FareCompare, among many others.

2. Find out when it’s cheaper to travel

Maybe you didn’t know it, but traveling during the week is cheaper or Saturday is cheaper. This is because Friday and Sunday are usually the days that are usually used by people on business trips, or by tourists who want to make the most of the weekend.

3. Find out when it’s cheaper to buy your tickets

The best day, according to many experts, to buy a plane ticket is Tuesday, as this is the approximate moment when airlines are launching offers to improve the occupancy of their flights. For low-cost airlines, fares may vary during the same day.

4. Buy your ticket in advance

The ideal way to get a good price on your airline ticket is to buy it 60 days in advance, especially if it is an international flight, the cost of the ticket tends to rise during the two weeks prior to the flight, being the day before this the most expensive.

However, in the case of holiday packages, it is sometimes worth checking for last-minute offers, as last-minute cancellations tend to occur.

5. Look for alternative routes

If you can’t find the offer you are looking for and your destination is a long distance destination, you can search for flights to secondary airports or make a stopover, as flights are much cheaper than direct, nonstop flights.

6. Earn miles

If you travel on a regular basis you can enjoy special offers if you join one of these programs. Some airlines also offer their own credit cards, which when you use them to make your purchases you can earn points or air miles even if you don’t travel very often.

7. Subscribe to airline newsletters

Maybe agreeing to receive offers by email can be a little annoying, but this type of email will allow you to know the best offers that the airline launches daily to different destinations. You can also follow their different social networks, where they also publish their excellent offers.


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